Bespoke Life Coaching Sessions 

About Life Coaching Services

I am passionate about empowering individuals and supporting their personal growth. My mission is to help people unlock their potential, instill self-belief, and enable them to create a positive impact on the world.

As a coach, I dive deep into addressing profound challenges and uncovering the hidden treasures within each person, leaving no stone unturned. My coaching sessions are characterized by a blend of empathy and tranquility, offering a safe space for personal growth, while also challenging you to reach new heights.

My coaching packages are designed to span a minimum of three months, allowing for a meaningful and transformative journey.

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What is included in each package:


Each and every person has within themselves the power and the resources they need at any given moment. A coach assists and guides people through the unveiling of that power and those resources. 

The benefits of life coaching will be felt at the core and will impact all areas of life. My clients experienced benefits such as:

My Experience

I am ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified life coach and NLP and EFT master practitioner. I am currently studying social psychology and I am a trauma-informed certified coach.

My coaching style is ICF as my values, ethics, and personality fit this style the best. 

I will offer you the trust and space to explore whatever is useful for you, and I will ask powerful questions to help you go as deep as you want and in the direction that is most valuable to you. It is all about you and your empowerment.

I might use other tools and exercises on request and only according to your needs.

Who can Benefit 

Anyone who aims big, wants to make an impact, and is determined to take control of themselves in order to change the results in their life.


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