1 Hour Mindfulness Workshops

Drop Into Your Heart Workshop

This is a soul-nurturing workshop, where we delve deep into the gentle art of mindfulness. Creating a safe space, we will explore the profound practices of breathwork and meditation, inviting a deep connection with both our bodies and hearts.

In our busy lives, we often find ourselves trapped in the grips of our thoughts, allowing stress to accumulate and losing touch with the profound impact our restless minds have on our overall well-being. This disconnect can manifest as a toll on our mental, emotional, and physical health, causing a gradual erosion of satisfaction and productivity in every aspect of our lives.

I offer you a transformative practice that can be seamlessly woven into your morning and evening rituals, as well as integrated into any moment of your day when you seek solace. This practice is a graceful companion that does not demand an extensive period to master and is open to individuals of every age, inviting you to rediscover the sacred union of mind, body, and soul.


The benefits of this practice are tremendous and they may vary from person to person. The beauty of it is that you can adapt and use it in the manner you desire. Here are some potential benefits one can enjoy:

My Purpose

I created this workshop out of my desire to serve others and assist them in enhancing their well-being. 

My awareness journey began a decade ago. Since then, I have immersed myself in an extensive study of numerous books in the fields of self-development, spirituality, and neuroscience. I've also attended various courses, and seminars, and dived into the work of some of the most accomplished experts in these areas, with the purpose of understanding and healing myself.  Furthermore, in the past year, I completed two intensive 10-day Vipassana meditation courses and have remained committed to a rigorous meditation practice.

Meditation has been the key that unlocked my ability to connect with my body and gain true awareness of my thoughts and emotions. I put this newfound insight to the test when I experienced homelessness and, despite the challenges of loneliness and a lack of mental health support, emerged from that period with resilience. Overcoming such experiences requires both a resilient mind and an open heart.

Observing the absence of compassion in interactions between Civil Services and vulnerable individuals, I committed to spreading love and compassion in all my endeavors. 

I consciously choose to recognize the goodness in each individual and firmly believe in a kinder world that thrives through collaboration and cooperation.

Who can Benefit

I am available for workshops at the workplace, groups with a venue, and families. 

Anyone who would like to feel satisfied in their life and relationships, who wants to feel alive in their body, thrive, and experience overall well-being.


Please, get in touch with me by sending an email to hello@maria-toman.com

Note that the workshops are in person, only in the U.K. at the moment.